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About The Sprint

Big businesses have spent millions developing superior processes, models, R&D teams and ac- cruing some of the best people. So, why is it so easy for them to be catastrophically disrupted by smaller, more malleable groups? Because ‘big businesses also have a ‘big view - they set their sights too far ahead into a world that will never exist, and take large, lumbering strides to get there.

Their risk-averse desire to be methodical means they are slow and responsive, in a world that re- wards agility, humility and proactive approach. The age of the marathon-strategy is antiquated. This is day of the sprint where the fastest to test, lose & test again is the bookies favourite. Quick steps net quick wins, which inform strategic thinking. When you think like a sprinter, you gain proximity to the customer, speed to market and knowledge that can be actioned.

You can listen, iterate, try and repeat. In this talk, Vusi will share the thinking and mindset required to move nimbly through the modern world, to take advantage of start-up thinking and to be able to change direction at will, on the head of a pin, to move faster in the right direction — whichever that direction that may be at this minute.

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