The Magna Carta of Exponentiality - Vusi Thembekwayo

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About The Magna Carta of Exponentiality

We can link the massive inequality that exists today to the linear thinking of the past. ‘Healthcare’ needs hospitals and doctors. ‘Education’ requires schools and teachers. ‘Linear’ doesn't work in a world that simply isn’t. And it's doesn’t scale.

Vusi's highly acclaimed book, The Magna Carta of Exponentiality looked closely at the exception- al few delivered massive retums in the face of extreme uncertainty. It is a collection of case stud- ies of those who, through their own entrepreneurial joumeys, build new business that stood shoulder to shoulder with corporates they used to work for. It is an exercise in Era of Exponential- ity. Tirelessly researched over the last 10 years, this talk looks at how we can overcome the limit- ed thinking of the old world so that we can truly provide new-world benefits through our schools, healthcare, financial services and businesses. By thinking exponentially, we close the widening gap of inequality between the haves and have nots and, in the process, create a fundamentally more lucrative ecosystem for all in which our businesses can truly thrive.

This talk addresses the aspects that we, as leaders, need to understand, to build an exponential world that delivers value in an exponential way.

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