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About The Goliath Effect

Lehman Brothers and Sega. Nokia and General Motors. Blockouster and ToysRUs. These are the names of companies who should have seen it coming but didn’t. Each of them thought of their gargantuan, rigid scale as an advantage, rather than a tool to create value for the customer through systems of efficiency and innovation. And, as history has it, have paid dearly for that mis- take.

Which are the companies that will qualify for the “goliath list” over the next decade? Who are the leaders whose acts-of-folly will sound the corridors of business schools in the years to come? What are the markets, unknown to us now, that will be the staple playgrounds for your industry in the near future? Every business, every single day, has to re-justify its own existence or risk its foundation being pulled out from beneath them by the ‘big’ little guys. Whilst smaller in scale, these ‘big little’ guys are much bigger in drive, ambition & scope for course-correction. Nowhere in the biblical text is any business ordained the ‘divine right to exist’. Not even yours. This means every day is a gift not an entitlement. Every customer purchase, a vote, not a spousal commit- ment.

The Goliath Effect is a checklist for leaders to identify and avoid the ‘Mistakes of Big’.

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