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About Back to the Future

Research shows that every 278 years our species’ path doubles back on itself. New technology, lifestyle changes, policy and govemmental fluctuation. These are all stressful and anxiety-induing, maybe, but they are not new. The challenges may be unique, the technology may be more ad- vanced and the disruption both, but we've been here before. It is a new cloak of the old ways.


How did we adapt when we moved from the farms to the cities? What did we do differently when we discovered electricity? How did we handle the vocational redundancy that computers brought?

If we can understand the forces that shape human beings’ existence on earth yesterday, we can use this to predict the causal drivers of tomorrow. If we can go back, and leam, we can get, com- fortably and lucratively, to the future. And you don’t need a DeLorian to do it.

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